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National Commitee Reverse Colors
Vigil Sash 1949-1953
Sash Material: RED FELT - Arrow: WHITE FELT
National Committe Vigil Sash Arrow
Arrow Details: Embroidered RED arrows
Other Details Purposely Omitted
This sash was worn by members of the National Committee of the OA from 1949 through about 1953. The introduction can be found in the Spring 1950 Bulletin. “Members of the National Committee will be wearing a special Vigil Honor band on which the colors will be reversed. These were made special for our Committeemen so that members could recognize these officials and seek their help”. Committee Members are not wearing red sashes in 1954 NOAC photos.

Other red sashes exist from the 1970’s. These were “event” sashes used for special events at NOAC’s but were never for general wear outside the NOAC. Collectors made wish to collect these sashes and perhaps they have a place in a NOAC collection, but since they were not officially for general wear, I have not catalogued them.
1950 NOAC National Commitee

National Committee Member
National Committee at the 1950 NOAC. Seven Committee sashes.  

Chappegat Lodge 15 Vigil Sashes
Lodge 15 had a tradition of making their own OA sashes. A red felt arrow on a whipcord type sash was used from the mid-1930’s (perhaps earlier) through the early 1950’s. When a Chappegat Vigil was recognized a Vigil triangle was added to the whipcord sash he had received earlier.
lodge 15 vigil sash Unique white felt arrows in the triangle. The arrows are hand sewn and the triangle is hand sewn onto the sash. This sash has good documentation. The owner received his Ordeal in 1939 and Vigil in 1948. Why a national sash wasn’t presented is unknown. National sashes had machine sewn arrows and the triangle was machine stitched to the sash.
lodge 15 vigil sash  Another Chappegat Vigil sash circa 1950’s exists with the “regular” Screen Print Vigil triangle hand stitched to the Chappegat whipcord sash. It appears that a national sash was acquired but the triangle was removed and placed on the Chappegat whipcord sash. 
Lodge issue Vigil sashes are unique and interesting. Both of these sashes are owned by dealers who thing that they should command a premium value. Home made sashes can be an interesting addition to a collection but the value is in the eye of the beholder. I do not question the authenticity of these sashes but the Chappegat whipcord Ordeal/Brother sash is scarce but not rare. This sash could be easily reproduced by adding a home made Vigil triangle. It seem to me that these sashes would have more interest to a lodge collector. Someone who collects Chappegat O A might be interested in a special sash used by that lodge.
lodge 15 sash 

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