Screen Print Arrows TYPE 8A & 8B
Felt Vigil Sash UNIQUE Arrowhead
Sash Material: WHITE FELT - Arrow: RED Screen Print
Triangle: RED print - Arrows: COUNTERCLOCKWISE
Sash Length: 30 1/2" - Sash Width: 1 7/8"
Arrow Length: 12 3/4" - Arrow Width: 1/4"
Arrow Details: 2 5/8" white "paint"
8a and 8b vigil sash arrows 
8a and 8b fletching 
This sash has unique details that in my opinion made it different from other sashes I have identified as 9A, 9B & 9C.
1952 noac vigil

A photo of the 1952 NOAC Planning Committee shows two arrow-men wearing screen print large triangle Vigil sashes. This is the best dating for the use of the large triangle sash. It’s unknown if this photo was taken in the winter of 1951 or the spring of 1952.
type 8 vigil sash arrow 

Screen print arrows TYPE 9A
Felt Vigil Sash ordinary Arrowhead 
Sash Material: WHITE FELT - Arrow: RED Screen Print 
Triangle: RED print - Arrows: COUNTERCLOCKWISE 
Sash Length: 30" - Sash Width: 2 3/16" 
Arrow Length: 12 3/4" - Arrow Width: 1/4" 
Arrow Details: 2 5/8" white "paint" 
type 9 a vigil sash arrow  type 9a fletching 
The sashes I have identified as A, B and C all have similar details in the fletching and arrowheads.
You can get as “picky” as you like with these large triangle screen print sashes. I have identified three sashes that are similar but all vaguely different. Look at the chips in the arrowheads and the details in the fletching. The patterns are similar yet slightly different. Some differences may be due to the screen getting filled with paint as it is repeatedly used. A clean screen will show the small details better than a screen that had been used hundreds of times with paint filling some of the small areas.
type9a vigil sash 

Screen print arrows TYPE 9B
Felt Vigil Sash ordinary Arrowhead
Sash Material: WHITE FELT - Arrow: RED Screen Print
Sash Length: 31" - Sash Width: 2 3/8"
Arrow Length: 13" - Arrow Width: 1/4"
Arrow Details: 2 3/4" FLOCKED
type 9b vigil sash arrow  vigil sash arrow fletching 
I have identified the arrows in the triangle of this sash as “flocked”. Flocking deposits fuzzy material over the white arrows and when you run your finger over them you can feel the flocking. To me this is a major difference but the sash that I have identified with flocking is absolutely pristine mint.
type 9b vigil sash 
 It’s in the same condition as the day it was presented 60+ years ago. With a couple of wearing's,
I suspect the flocking will wear off. If that’s the case, were other sashes flocked and those
in collections have had the flocking rubbed off. The details in the sash are similar to others that
I have identified as A & C.
Frank Nabich

Franz Nabich a 1957 Lodge 182 Vigil is wearing a large triangle screen print sash. There are a number of examples of “later” Vigils receiving large triangle sashes. It is known that the small triangle sashes believed introduced in 1954 were unpopular, but it is unknown if large triangle sashes were available.