Embroidered Cloth Vigil Sash TYPE 12
Introduced 1955 Double stitch sides, spur left.
Sash Material: WHITE CLOTH
double stich edge
Double stitch edge
vigil sash identification
The double stitched edge is the easiest way to identify the cloth sashes introduced in 1955 and used into the early 1960’s.
12A: 10 1/2" arrow, 13 3/8" bar to bar, 28 1/2" long sash

12B: 11" arrow, 14" bar to bar,29 1/2" long sash

11 1/4" arrow, 14 1/4" bar to bar, 30 3/4" long sash

12 3/4" long arrow, 15 1/2" bar to bar, 29" long sash
With sashes side by side the differences in the embroidery and length of the sash becomes apparent. Under most circumstances when a design is longer, you would expect that a different embroidery loom would have been used. But, the embroidery in Types 12 A through 12 D appears to be similar.
vigil certificate
type 12 vigil sash 

Embroidered Cloth Vigil Sash TYPE 13
Circa 1960's Rolled Edge border, spur right
Sash Material: WHITE CLOTH
rolled edges 
Rolled edges
vigil sash identification 
13A: 10 3/4" arrow, 13 3/4" bar to bar, sashes are 29" to 30 1/2" long.
        Rolled Edge.

13B: 11 1/4" arrow, 14" bar to bar, sash is 31" long. Rolled Edge

13C: Identical to 2B EXCEPT with a double stitched edge.
The sash in the photo is circa 1963 
type 13 vigil sash