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Area III Meeting Vigil Sash 1932*
Thin arrow, cloth-padded sash
Sash Material: WHITE CLOTH - Arrow: RED FELT
Triangle: RED - Arrows: CLOCKWISE
Sash Length: 33" - Sash Width: 1 7/8"
Arrow Length: 14 1/4"
Arrow Details: regular felt arrows NOT nocked
Vigil sashes area meetings
Fully lined. Sash is padded. This sash is about 1/8" thick. It has additional layers of cloth between the front and back.
* This sash comes with excellent documentation from the original owner. A Unami Chief who received Vigil at the 1932 Area III Meeting. I have labeled it an Area Meeting sash because I can document it to that event. However, it is unknown what type of sash was presented to Vigils at the 1931 Grand Lodge Meeting. Further research may identify the same or different style of sash for 1931.
Geroge Keller Sash 1932
Thin arrow sash presented at Region 3 Area Meeting 8/1932.

This sash is fully lined which indicates it is not an Order/Brotherhood sash adapted for use as a Vigil sash. It is “thick” and has a padding sewn between the front and back.

Unknown Early Vigil Sash
Arrow Vigil with nocked arrows in the triangle
Sash Material: WHITE FELT - Arrow: RED FELT
Triangle: RED - Arrows: CLOCKWISE
Arrow Details: Long-Thin Nocked Arrows
long thin nocked arrow
Area or Regional Vigil Sashes WITH arrows 1928 to 1933
The first Regional Meetings was held October, 1928 at Camp Siwanoy, hosted by Chappegat Lodge. For the first time Vigils were inducted outside of Grand Lodge Meetings. Previous Vigils were inducted at Grand Lodge Meetings. Area Meetings were popular with the deepening economic depression.

This sash has little documentation. The owners name is believed to have been A. J. Brown. An A. J. Brown of Reading, PA. is noted as a 1928 Vigil but with a Vigil number in sequence with 1926. His name is not listed in the Camp Sinawoy 1928 Area meeting, so if the 1928 date is correct he may have taken Vigil elsewhere.

This sash has nocked arrows, which might identify it as a transition sash and the back has a lining. The lining is important, Ordeal/Brotherhood sashes from this era were un-lined.

The manufacturers label from Philadelphia bothers me. No other early sashes have a manufacturers label. If this were a high quality fake, the addition of a manufacturers label, perhaps off an old tie would lend authenticity, the label seems odd. This sash has been in a collection for years and I do not believe a faker in the 1970’s would have knowledge of nocked arrows and linings. Identifying a second variety of this style with documentation would be helpful.

It could be a lodge issue sash, some lodges (15) made their own Vigil sashes, but again the lining means that the sash was not an Ordeal/Brotherhood sash converted to Vigil. Most lodge issue Vigil sashes just add a triangle to a Ordeal/Brotherhood sash.

It’s possible that this sash is the transition from the no-arrow to the “regular” thin arrow sash but the arrows in the triangle are unique.
unknown vigil sash
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