Dave Eby of the Toledo Museum, discovered what I’ve named the 1912/13 cloth (below). It’s the record of a 1912 Eagle Scouts merit badges. It is unknow how much longer after 1912 some merit badges were earned. There are 57 merit badges on the cloth, some were probably earned later. It’s probable that all badges on the cloth are Type 1. In a couple of case the first merit badge for the subject was earned by the scout who assembled this cloth. b 
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1912 Eagle Scout
1912 Eagle Scout
Stalking Merit Badge1915 Invention Boy Scout Merit Badge
Stalking and Invention are shown on the 1914 calendar, but collectors didn’t believe they existed, they do. Thanks Dave Eby.

About Invention Merit Badge

Dave Eby introduced the Invention badge in a 2015 ISCA Journal. He developed more extensive information that was never published but I’m condensing it here, (thanks Dave). Invention was one of the original 57 badges. It was also the shortest lived. It was announced in October 1914 that the badge would be discontinued. One was awarded in 1913, 8 in 1914 and 1 in 1915. The 1915 scout received permission to continue working on it. The Invention badge on the 1912/13 cloth was the third recipient, 1913. There were more Invention badges awarded than Angling and Archery. It is believed that the badge was discontinued because the fees at the US Patten office were more than the average scout could afford. Invention was replaced with Physical Development merit badge introduced in 1914.

Stalking Design Change 1914
There is no documentation (thus found) that explains why the Stalking design was changed from a leaf to a curled up Panther. Perhaps a leaf could be confused with Nature or some other merit badge.
Anchor Seamanship BadgeRed versus Black anchor Seamanship
The red Seamanship merit badge shown above is the first Seamanship merit badge earned in 1912. We also know that Stephen Porter, earned the fourth Seamanship and it’s red (Dave Eby’s research). A black anchor seamanship appears on the 1914 calendar. But these red badge were earned before the calendar. With these confirmed dates, it appears that the black anchor was issued, mid to late-1913. It’s likely that images of badges in the 1914 calendar were taken and the calendar set up for printing sometime in mid-late 1913. The first Seamanship was awarded in 1912 with 11 recipient's. In 1913, 31 Scouts earned Seamanship. If the theory that merit badges were made in small batches is correct, there were 42 earned through 1913. If they were made in batches of 15-20-25 it seems reasonable that sometime in mid-1913 another batch was produced, with a black anchor (Dave Eby’s research). Editors Note-this stuff is so much fun.
This 1914 BSA Calendar was probobly assembled sometime in the summer or fall of 1913.  Click on the image to to get an enlarged view of each badge.
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