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No Arrow Vigil Sash Type 2
1933 - 1936 no arrow "regular" Arrows
Sash Material: WHITE FELT - Arrow: NONE
Triangle: RED - Arrows: CLOCKWISE
Arrow Length: NO ARROW
Arrow Details: Thick felt arrows that do not touch
type 2 vigil sash arrows
There is excellent documentation for this sash. Bob Eickenberry of Lodge 2 received it in 1934. Numerous lodge 7 and Lodge 51 Vigils received it 1934 to 1936.

I have believed that this sash presented to GLM Vigils at Owasippe in 1933, but I can not document that. There was speculation that this sash was made by Owasippe Lodge, because Chicago and St Louis Vigils received it. It’s known that Vigil sashes with arrows were issued 1928 into the early 1930’s. Why a no arrow sash was used 1934-1936 (and perhaps in 1933) is unknown.
I expound about how researching sashes is a bit like doing detective work. A clue here a shed of evidence there and the researcher draws a conclusion rightly or wrongly from what he sees. I received this 1935 certificate with a Type 2 No Arrow sash in this mailer envelope from Philadelphia, intact from the original recipient. It establishes the date of after August 1935 for Type 2 No Arrow sashes. The mailer envelope from Philadelphia eliminates opinions that the Type 2 No Arrow sash was somehow an Owasippe or Midwestern issue sash. However, because it is known that some east coast Vigils were receiving sashes with arrows in 1935 (and before), it raises the question why were different sashes being presented at roughly the same time?
type 2 vigil sash
E.U. GoodmanThe image to the left is E.U. Goodman at the 1933 Grand Lodge Meeting.
He is wearing what appears to be a no arrow sash. This has lead
me to believe that the Type 2 no-arrow sash was awarded at the
1933 GLM. But Goodman could be wearing a Type 1 no arrow sash.
There are others in the group photo wearing Type 1 sashes.
Goodman often wore the current sash at OA events even into the
1960’s, but there is no way of knowing.

To the right are two St Louis Vigils
St Louis Vigils St Louid Vigils

Where did the arrow come from or go 1928-1934 
The mystery in sash collecting is why the WWW went from a sash for Vigil that had no arrow to sashes with arrows and a few years later back to a sash with NO arrow and used it through about 1936. Here’s what I know from my research. 
JZoseph Pattison  Loyd Nelson  aarow sash 
This sash was presented to a Unami
Vigil at the Area III Regional meeting in 1932 
1929 region 7 sash 
Joseph Pattison
1928 GLM Vigil 
Lloyd Nelson wearing a
sash with an arrow 1933 
Region 7 Vigils recieved this sash in 1929 
It seems that the last of the Type 1 arrow sashes was probably depleted by or at the 1928 Area Meetings. 1929 Owasippe Lodge Vigils received sashes with arrows. E U Goodman was the Supreme Chief of the Fire at Owasippe in 1929 and Art Roberts (former Unami Chief and Grand Lodge Chief) was the Camping Director so it unlikely the arrow would be an “accident”. Unapproved sashes with arrows would not be issued in a lodge without these influential early men’s approval. A sash with good documentation and an arrow is known to have been presented at a 1932 Area III meeting in Pennsylvania.

It is unknown what type of Vigil sashes were used at the 1931 Grand Lodge meeting. There is conflicting evidence from the 1931 Grand Lodge Meeting. Housenick and Leonard Brown both received Vigil at the 1931 Grand Lodge Meeting. Housenick received a thin arrow sash and Brown received a Type 1 No Arrow sash.

We do not positively know what type of sash was presented to Vigils at the 1933 GLM. The minutes of the 1933 GLM recommends that Vigil bands have an arrow with clockwise arrows in the triangle. Yet Type II no arrow sashes were used 1934 to 1936. In the 1933 GLM photo E.U. Goodman can be seen wearing a no arrow sash, but it is unknown if its Type 1 or Type 2. Unfortunately the triangle is not visible.
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