The 1960 BSA 50th Anniversary Set

For the 50th Anniversary National BSA produced a series of badges. Cub Scout Jubilee, Boy Scout Camporee, Explorer Field Day, National Jamboree, Schiff and Philmont. In many ways these badges are intertwined with the Jamboree. Scouts at the Jamboree had earned them and the slide was commonly worn.
1960 boy scout jamboree badgesThe 50th Anniversary badges were made in huge quantities. There are two distinct varieties probably caused by two different manufacturers. All badges except Schiff exist in both A & B varieties. Perhaps because fewer Schiff badges were needed, they were only made by one manufacturer. Sixty plus years later most are not scarce although Philmont and Schiff can be scarce. The 50th Anniversary set is a fun collection that can be assemble without a lot of cost. Schiff was a national training center and camp in Mendham, New Jersey. Schiff was closed in 1979.
1960 badge types
These other items were available during the 50th. The Fiftieth Anniversary Award was to be worn on the uniform above the left breast pocket. Requirements were harder for Scouts of higher rank. I earned it as Second Class, my Patrol Leader couldn’t qualify as a Star.
neckerchief slide achievement award gold coin  gold sticker 
A neckerchief slide was part of the 50th’s insignia. It was worn
at the Jamboree.
An Achievement Award was available for meeting certain requirements. A 1" coin/token  A 1 1/4" printed foil sticker 
1960 boy scout jamboree badges and coins 
Most councils used the national badges. Some copies the national design and made local badges. A few made unique badges for the 50th. Woven badges were popular in the early 1960’s. The Apache Co. mailed woven badges to BSA council offices as samples. The promotion doesn’t appear to have much success, there are few woven Jamboree or 1960 50th badges of the woven style.

(to the far right), A silver coin was distributed by the BSA, made by the Heraldic Arts Company. 
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Paul Myers Goshen, Indiana