1960 boy scout national convention contingent items
Contingent items exploded for the 1960 Jamboree. Badges, neckerchiefs, slides, tokens, coins, etc.
1960 boy scout jamboree necherchiefs
Most BSA Council made insignia for the 50th Anniversary. Jamboree contingent usually have Jamboree on the badge. But some councils used the council 50th badge or neckerchief as a Jamboree contingent item.
1960 badges 
About 1960 it starts to get difficult to differentiate official staff items from things developed by staff members, but many collectors want them all. People on some staffs developed their own insignia, brought it to the Jamboree and present or sold it to others working on their staff. The oval armbands and Conservation Crew are official. The red bulls head emblem was issued by Region 12 to subcamp staff. Items like the Commissary staff slide and flag are unofficial.
1960 boy scout region 12 badgeregion 12 1960 boy scout badge
Region 12 issued separate badges for subcamp 31,32,33,34 & 39 as well as a blank with no subcamp number for other Region 12 staff.
1960 boy scout region patches
Most Regions didn’t allowed Scouts to wear official Region insignia. Regions 6 and 9 developed badges for Scout wear. Some regions had special neckerchiefs or slides. Region 5 had an Achievement Award.
1960 boy scout national jamboree badges 
1960 boy scout jamboree trading post items
The Trading Posts were brimming with an amazing assortment of items. Uniform and equipment. A Jamboree hat was available for the first time. There is an amazing array of souvenir items. Ash trays and bowls with the Jamboree logo, T shirts, a ring, decals, stationary, pennants, tie clips, lapel pins, pillow covers and women's scarves, key chain and numerous Jamboree “trinkets”. BSA National Supply Department realized that anything with the Jamboree logo would sell and it was the 50th anniversary year. In later years items like bolo ties, cane emblems, belt buckles, mugs and coins different than the original would be reproduced. 
other 1960 boy scout jamboree items 
Unofficial 1960 jamboree pins

Unofficial 1960 Jamboree Pins. There is a series of several enameled souvenir pins that were made unofficially for the Jamboree. They were made in Formosa and traded at the Jamboree. Although they are unofficial many collectors seek them.  
1960 boy scout stamps 
A stamp was issued for the 50th Anniversary. Stamp collecting was a popular hobby and First Day covers were popular. SOSSI, Scouts on Stamps Society manned the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge booth. 
adventure certificate

Leaders were again concerned that Scouts weren’t taking advantage of all the activities. An Achievement certificate was again available. Region 5 developed a segment that could be worn beneath the jamboree badge for Scouts that qualified. The segment is scarce, perhaps not many boys earned it.
1960 boy scout jamboree awards 

Awards were issued for patrol competitions. There were several Area winners, (gold), but only one patrol received the National Award. (silver).

Program areas started issuing recognition, like the Rifle Shooting badge.
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