armband indentificationThe oval armbands are official, presented to staff members at the Jamboree. In 1957 the trend towards “unofficial” staff insignia began. Staff members would develop insignia, bring it to the Jamboree and present it to those working on staff. It seems odd there are three Health & Safety armbands. The status of the Range Officer and medical staff badge is unknown. The NYC Escort was used by Scouts guiding NYC tours.
1957 National boy scout jamboree items

The Trading Posts were brimming with an amazing assortment of items. Uniform and equipment plus an array of souvenir items. Ash trays and bowls with the Jamboree logo, several types of T shirts, a ring, decals, stationary, a Jamboree tie, tie clips, lapel pins, pillow covers, women's scarves, a miniature rifle a gold coin, a key chain, etc. BSA National Supply realized that anything with the Jamboree logo would sell. In later years items like bolo ties, mugs, cane emblems, belt buckles and coins different than the original would be reproduced.
1957 boy scout national convention souvenier items
1957 boy scout national jubilee stamps

SOSSI Scouts on Stamps Society International was active at the 1957 Jamboree. SOSSI members were on Jamboree staff and manned the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge booth.
1957 boy scout jamboree award

Some leaders were again concerned that their Scouts weren’t taking full advantage of all the things to do at the Jamboree. A 1957 Achievement Award was developed for Scouts who more fully participated in the Jamboree. Like 1953, it probably would have been better received if there had been a badge. It became a discussion among leaders that scouts were spending too much time patch trading. But, the Scouts pay the money, come to the Jamboree. if trading is more interesting than all the things going on at the Jamboree, so be it.
1957 boy scout adventure award1957 boy scout adventure award
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