1953 Boy Scout Jamboree Safety ItemsMost 1953 staff items were official and presented to staff members at the Jamboree. In later years staff members would develop “unofficial” staff insignia, bring it to the Jamboree and present it to those working on staff. But, in 1953 most staff items were official.
1953 boy scout jamboree staff items

The Knights of Dumanis was a Eagle Scout group. Founded in San Francisco and popular in California. They were active at the 1953 Jamboree.
Region badges were again worn by professional and region level scouters. Regions 5 & 12 made special badges for Scout wear. Region neckerchiefs and slides gained widespread acceptance. Some were made by the Regions while others were developed by contingents. Collectors don’t seem to pay much attention to where they came from and find all of them collectible.

trading post items
The Jamboree Trading Posts were stocked with almost anything Scouts could want. Uniform parts, badges, neckerchiefs, equipment, etc. Food, ice cream or a cold drink. In addition there were dozens of souvenir items; pillow tops, pennants, plaques, T shirts, post cards, a dairy, a Jamboree ring and souvenir small knives, utility boxes, paperweights, silk scarves for mom, tie clasps or a match case for dad. A gold coin, introduced in 1950 was repeated in 1953 and would become a Jamboree standard for years.
Jamboree Collectibles as Americana
Many Scout items qualify as Americana collectibles. Carved neckerchief slides are an example. This wallet from the 1953 Jamboree is a beautiful example of a 67 year old boys wallet. The cowboy theme on the front. Zipper closure and 1953 Jamboree logo on the back. The wallet, might be more more desirable to a Americana collector than a Scout or Jamboree collector.
1953 boy scout national jamboree collectibles
first day covers
Although a stamp was not issued for 1953, First Day covers were popular. SOSSI, Scouts on Stamps Society International manned the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge booth.
1953 boy scout wildlife merit badgeA new merit badge (to the left), was introduced at the 1953 Jamboree for Wildlife Management. Part of the Jamboree experience would be a Merit Badge Midway. Exhibits would be staffed by experts and Scouts could work on merit badge advancement while attending the Jamboree. Part of the 1953 Jamboree Achievement Award program was to get scouts to visit many of the booths and exhibits at the Jamboree.

Some leaders were concerned that their Scouts weren’t taking full advantage of all the things to do at the Jamboree. An Achievement Award (to the right), was developed for Scouts who more fully participated fully in the Jamboree. It probably would have been better received if there was a badge.
1953 boy scout national jamboree swap tentSwapping had been popular at Jamborees, but came into it’s own in 1953. Older brothers told 1953 bound Scouts what fun trading was and many came to do “business”. I was told by a Chicago scout that he left home with about twenty badges, but traded them all on the train between Chicago and St Louis. There were frantic letters home to parents, get me more patches.
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