A theme of “On to the Pacific” was selected. The Jamboree would be the largest ever. Promotion was important because a high percentage of Scouts attending from the east and middle-west would have more transportation costs than previous Jamborees. National BSA had concerns about the logistics in California. National headquarters was in NYC and many vendors were in the east, but everything went smoothly.
1953 Jamboree Information

Proper uniforming was of the upmost importance. Contingents would be traveling, touring sites and cities. In 1953 the in-camp uniform was the khaki V neck shirt and shorts for Scouts. Explorers wore a similar green uniform. Long sleeve unforms were official for travel.

Units wore their home town community strip and their Jamboree troop numeral. Some used a council strip. The color of the shoulder strips, community and council changed to red and white in 1952. In 1953 the trend towards unique Jamboree shoulder badges gained acceptance. Some badges identified the Jamboree while others have just the council name. (see below)
1953 boy scout community strips
1953 boy scout community strips1953 boy scout community stripsContingent items exploded in 1953. Badges, neckerchiefs and miscellaneous items were made by councils. Local businesses sometimes supplied contingents with trade items.
1953 boy scout jamboree contingent items
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1953 Anderson Indiana Boy Scout Jamboree Badge

This badge from Anderson, IN makes an interesting point. Anderson is an industrial city east of Indianapolis. The Kikthawenund Council reached out to local businesses to support the Jamboree Troop. The nine companies whose names are in the spoke wheels supported the Jamboree troop. Boys of employees would be attending and good will could be created by supporting the Scouts. Smart Council Executives and Jamboree committees would repeat this idea.
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Paul Myers Goshen, Indiana