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1950 buy scout national jamboree plaque1950 boy scout certificate

National Jamborees are amazing events. A state park is turned into a tent city for 50,000 Scouts and with a couple weeks it is returned to a state park. It requires thousands of volunteers. Over the years Scout Leaders have answered the call. Often giving up two to three weeks of vacation time. Starting in 1950 there have been certificates, plaques, pen and pencil sets, etc. to recognize the volunteers who make the Jamboree possible.
1950 boy scout souvenir book
After the Jamboree a 75 page souvenir book was available. Though not as thorough at the 1937 book, it captures the major events of the jamboree.
1950 boy scouts national jamboree newspaper atricles
John McCullough was a reporter for the Philadelphia Enquirer. He covered the Jamboree for his newspaper and posted daily reports. His 47 page booklet is a composite of in-depth articles. I’ve not been able to establish if the booklet was officially printed and distributed by the BSA, but it is commonly found in 1950 Jamboree collections.
Things that may confuse you
In later years many things were reproduced, often by the BSA with the 1950 Jamboree logo on them. On earlier pages I show the reproduction pocket patch, but here are a few other items.
1950 boy scout jamboree repro pins
repro 1950 souvineers
Coins were reproduced in 1973 in both gold and silver. The design is similar to the original but details are different. Belt buckles and bolo ties came at the same time. The buckle and bolo tie are generic, the gold or silver coin is inserted into the buckle or bolo for the appropriate year.
1950 Life MagazineLife Magazine was the most important weekly magazine of this era. The BSA and the 1950 Jamboree received excellent publicity in this issue.

The theme of the 1950 Jamboree was Strengthen the Arm of Liberty. This was also a national program of the BSA in 1950. The scout on the cover of LIFE is wearing a Strengthen the Arm of Liberty neckerchief slide. This is not a 1950 Jamboree collectible, but the slide was worn by many scouts at the Jamboree.
These slides are common, insuued by the hundreds of thousands and worn by most Cubs and Scouts
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