Low Impact or Leave No Trace
1937 Boy Scout Jamboree Clearance Certificate

Low Impact or Leave No Trace camping is a modern theme. But in Scouting it may have had it’s start at the 1937 Jamboree.

The Jamboree was on government property in close proximity to the Capitol. It was of the upmost importance that the site be returned to the manicured lawns that existed before 25,000 scouts camped there. Great care was taken to ensure that everything was in order before contingents left.

A certificate was presented to each group as they prepared to leave and their campsite had been inspected. Region 7, Section G, Troop 24 was Pioneer Trailers Council, Elkhart, IN.
Things that might confuse you
In later years many things were reproduced, often by the BSA with the 1937 Jamboree logo on them. On earlier pages I show the reproduction pocket patch, but here are a few other items.
non authentic 1937 items
Coins were reproduced in 1973 in both gold and silver. The design is similar to the authentic but details are different. Belt buckles and bolo ties came at the same time, The buckle and bolo are generic, the gold or silver coin is inserted into the buckle or bolo for the appropriate year.
1937 boy scouts jamboree map
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Paul Myers Goshen, Indiana