Staff Items
At the 1935 Jamboree the only staff identification was the Purple Leaders neckerchief and the Guide neckerchief. For 1937 a number of other pieces of staff identification were developed.

breast stips
These three strips (left) were issued by National BSA and worn above
the left breast B. S. of A. uniform strip.

These strips were used at the Jamboree but who issued them is unknown.
The World Staff strip was worn by leaders who would attend the WJ.
Dr. C.E. Williams Boy Scout 1937 Uniform Brochure
Region 9 Jamboree physician wearing the Sea Scout Staff strip. Williams was also the Mayor of Woodward. Official uniform brochure. Just lists General and Regional.
But does not mention World Staff which was official.
1937 Boy Scout Guide Nickerchief

The Guide neckerchief from 1935 was reused in 1937. The Purple National Staff neckerchief had the logo changed for 1937.
1937 Boy Scouts Jamboree Staff Identification
Most staff identification was in the form of an armband. They were made and distributed by National BSA. Some have speculated that the Medical Staff and Health & Safety armbands might have also been for 1935, but no one knows for sure.

* One of the things that makes Jamboree collecting fun is the potential for discoveries. The Mount Vernon Guide badge was “discovered” in 2020. 83 years after the Jamboree things are still being discovered.
1937 Group Photo Boy Scout Jamboree1937 Boy Scout Jamboree Group Photo
Group photos were taken of Jamboree contingent. The photo to the left before the Jamboree and others (right) at the Jamboree. Council collectors love group pictures of their council contingents. They can often be found in newspaper from the period. Left is Mishawaka, IN Right is Bucks County, PA.
Regional Items
The USA was divided into 12 regions. Scouts camped by region and the regions developed a number of unique items. This is just a sampling.
Regional Items
Region 4 1937 Boy Scout FlagRegion 7 Flag
Each Region had their own flag. Some were made locally. Others were official 1937 Jamboree flags with the wording identifying the Region. Troop flags had the Region, subcamp and troop numeral. Collectors often seek the flag from their council.
Boy Scout Musicians
Many scouts were musicians. Regions 4, 7 and 10 had regional bands. Region 7 was the largest with 160 pieces. Organizing a large band was a monumental task. Region 7 would not have another, but council bands became active. Two of the most active were the Madison (WI) and Indianapolis/Central Indiana bands.
1937 Shoulder Slashes by Region
1937 Boy Scout Shoulder Slashes
The 1937 World Jamboree
The World Jamboree was scheduled for 1937. The rescheduled National Jamboree coincided with the World Jamboree. World Jamboree troops camped in a separate subcamp and in some ways the National Jamboree was a shake-down for the world trip. World Jamboree troops had special insignia.
section q

Scouts going to the World Jamboree wore this shoulder ID at the National Jamboree.

They camped in Section Q.
1937 Wold Staff Leaders 

World Jamboree leaders wore this
strip at the National Jamboree
Section 15

USA Scouts wore this USA strip at the World Jamboree. Technically, it’s not a National Jamboree item.
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