The planning and organization developed for the canceled 1935 Jamboree was built upon for 1937. Much of the engineering and layout was done and plans were made for an even bigger and better Jamboree in 1937. 26,000 Scouts would attend and it would be an opportunity for Scouts from all over the country to visit the capitol and tour the historic landmarks. The Jamboree design was changed from the Capitol Dome to the Washington Monument, but badges and neckerchiefs were about the same.

1937 Patches and Neckerchiefs

The shoulder strips of 1935 were replaced with a shoulder hanger. There is an attachment that pierced the uniform. A Roman Numeral identifies the region. A letter identifies the subcamp, and a numeral, the troop. Staff camped in subcamps, but not by troop, the troop number was removed.

Red neckerchiefs were for “in camp” wear. Blue were for out of campsite wear. Scoutmasters kept the blue
neckerchief and gave them to scouts who had permission to leave the contingent camp site.
1937 BoyScout National Jamboree ID
Sea Scouts camped by Ships. They had their own separate camp by the water. They could fully participate in the Jamboree, but had boating and a trip to the Naval Academy separate from the Jamboree. Sea Scouts wore both the white and navy blue uniform, but the shoulder strip was only available in blue.

These items are considered the basic 1937 Jamboree collection. The difference between a good collection and a better or great collection are the other items that were available at the Jamboree.
1937 Boy Scout National Jamboree Patch
Authentic 1937, 3” badge. Two shades of gold in the starburst. Gauze backing. Rounded O’s. Most fakes have the sunburst points in a different position. Compare compass points in relationship to the position of the letters.
Fakes and Reproductions of the 1937 pocket badge 
Fake 1937 Boy Scouts National Jamboree Patch 1937 Boy Scout National Jamboree Fake
Gauze on back is different. Red starburst
between the S & C. On the real badge it
points to the C. 1980’s, Bates fake.
Fake B 1937 Boy Scouts National Jamboree Patch The J in Jamboree has a cross bar on top, the authentic badge does not. The top of the Washington Monument is left, not centered. Date unknown.

This badge has been laundered which simply means the faker hoped to make it look more authentic.  
 Fake C 1937 Boy Scouts National Jamboree Patch Lettering does not extend to the edges.

O’s are square not round. 1980’s, Bates Fake.

The gauze backing is wrong.  
Fake D 1937 Boy Scouts National Jamboree Patch  A good fake, starbursts are correct.
Circa earlier than 1965

But, only one line of water beneath
the Washingtonn Monument. 
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