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There are contingent items for the 1935 Jamboree, but since the Jamboree was cancelled, most of them remained at home and few are known. There are no “official” 1935 coins, bolo ties, cane emblems, belt loops. The St Louis contingent pin is one of the few known contingent items.
Advanced collectors seek a set of each region shoulder strips. The Sea Scout strips are more difficult, although the 1937 Jamboree used the same blue and white strips for Sea Scouts.
1937 Boy Scout National Jamboree Neckerchiefs

Later Jamborees would have a wide assortment of staff items, but the only known staff items from 1935 are the purple National Staff & gold Guide neckerchiefs. Some have speculated that some of the armbands used in 1937 may have also been planned to have been used in 1935, but no one knows for sure.
1935 Boy Scout National Jamboree Invitation1935 National Boy Scout Invitation Insurance

Dignitaries and friends of Scouting were invited with a special invitation, The Jamboree was the showplace of Scouting. When important people saw the benefits of Scouting, it was believed good will and financial support would follow.
After the Jamboree was cancelled this letter was mailed to Scouts. James West had insisted on purchasing event insurance. It’s reported that a number of members of the Executive Board thought it was a waste of money. But West was proven right. Without insurance the cancelled Jamboree would have bankrupted the BSA.
Most of the supplies for the Trading Posts were already on hand. With the Jamboree cancelled National BSA need to sell them. For a more complete list see the Jamboree Souvenirs at close out price brochure.
1935 National Boy Scouts Jamboree Souveniers
1935 Boy Scouts National Jamboree Price Sheets
Thousands of items were in the BSA inventory. This brochure was mailed to councils and scouts in an effort to sell existing supplies. Some items were so plentiful, that professional men taking training at Schiff in the 1950’s and ‘60’s, practiced tying first aid bandages with 1935/1937 neckerchiefs.

1935 Boy Scouts National JamboreeAbout Collecting Jamboree’s and Values - A Jamboree collection is an interesting and fairly inexpensive way to get into scout collecting. A 1935 Jamboree badge in good condition is generally about $200 while the 1937 badge is about $100. The neckerchiefs are usually available for under $125. You may have to pay $200+ for the 1935 or ‘37 shoulder strips. Aside from the 1935 and 1937 items the rest of the collection is surprisingly affordable. Badges and neckerchiefs commonly sell for around $10 (the price of a modern 2 piece OA set). Every council, no matter how small sent a contingent to 1935 and 1937 with larger councils sending multiple troops. Jamboree material is available in every nook and cranny of the USA. Once you assemble the basic collection, pocket patch, neckerchiefs, etc it might be fun to go for some of the trinkets or local contingent items. Again, they are generally widely available and relatively inexpensive. Individuals that collect their local council might want the appropriate 1935 and 1937 shoulder insignia and perhaps local Jamboree contingent badges.
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