1935 Jamboree Prototype
1935 National Boy Scout Jamboree Prototype
1935 pre-production prototype. Blue embroidered center and different capitol dome. The authenticity of the prototype is guaranteed, but to add creditability, check out the blue center background in the Jamboree stationary and envelopes and luggage stickers.
1935 Boy Scout National Jamboree Promotions
Promotion for the Jamboree was of the upmost importance. It would be expensive to send scouts to the Jamboree and much of the country was suffering financially. It had to be explained.
1935 Boy Scout National Convention Promotional Material

Railroads issued promotional material. National and local councils developed promotional material and
later information booklets. Nothing like a National Jamboree had ever been attempted in the USA and
everyone understood that proper planning was critical.

The logistics seemed staggering. Create a camp on government property in the center of Washington,
DC. Twenty five thousand scouts were expected. That’s 3000 patrol tables, hundreds of latrines, etc.

All of these items need to be manufactured and the whole camp had to be placed within the existing
White House grounds, it was a terrific undertaking.

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Paul Myers Goshen, Indiana