Fakes and Reproductions 1935 Badges
1935 Fake Reproduction BadgesOne shade of gold in the starbursts. Lettering does not extend to the edges of the badge.

Gauze on back is the wrong type
Fake 1935 National Boy Scout Jamboree Badge

One shade of gold in the starbursts. The color on the reverse is too bright. This badge is stamped fake but not all are.

The two badges shown to the left were made in the 1980’s and commonly known as “Bates Fakes”.
Boy Scout 1935 National Convention Patch Fakes

National Reproduction. Inner circle is gold not blue. Capitol dome is wrong colors are wrong, plastic back. Yellow not gold embroidery.
Questionable Early Issue 
Questionable-EARLY (?) issue. Capitol dome is different. Two shades of gold. Gauze is correct for 1930’s. This badge came from longtime Scout Executive Bob Hays of Everette, Washington and California. He took professional training in 1935 and worked at the Jamboree until it was cancelled. I believe it’s authentic because of my source but the details are troubling. This badge passed the ultraviolet “blue light” test.  
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Paul Myers Goshen, Indiana